„Confusion“ by Linda Burson

What’s up, Knowses! It’s Briana here. Today I’m here to share my opinion on „Confusion“.  I’m sorry guys, but this is gonna happen really quickly, because I don’t really want to stay here, on the blog for such a long time.

Well, guys this book is so so so much better than Rage. Guys, I liked Rage, I really did. BUT THIS IS A WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Everything went deeper and stronger. For me, it really felt like this book is much more personal. What I mean is that it felt like I’m meeting the person Marcy, not the character. It felt like I’m meeting with my older sister, it’s that close.

When it comes to the characters. Oh God. Marcy is always going back and forth between Brad and Liam, which is kinda good for the book, but also kinda annoying. And it’s mind-blowing with the fact that she has another relationship with another man, I mean who does such kind of things.

With all these things that I’ve said, you may be thinking – oh god, she’s such a liar, she said that she liked the book, but she is so mean. Well, guys, when a book make me that rude, that mean, that bitch – that’s a good book for me.

Guys, i guess this post will be the last on this blog. I’m really happy to finish it with that book. I hope you liked the review and the blog, because these years, while having my blog, were some of the best years that I’ll have in my life. Thanks for everything. Bye!


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