„Rage“ by Linda Burson

41c86BxwDFL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_What’s up, Knowses? Today I’m here with a review in English and I haven’t written reviews in English for a really long time, so wish me good luck.

So, today I’m reviewing one really good book. As you can see I’m talking about „Rage“ by Linda Burson. This is the first book of the Marcy Series and I like it so much.

Before the very start of this review I want to apologise about my mistakes, but English is my second language and right now I’m focused on my German classes, ’cause I’m in German Language School. Sorry, guys!

First of all I gotta say that this is a book full of surprises. There is a perfect amount of mystery, romance and thrill. The book is full of murder, intrigue, nightmares and much much more.

So, the main characters..

Marcy has daily rage issues (and she is also bringing me rage issues) and she doesn’t know the reason about them. That has become a huge problem, because these issues are putting her boyfriend and most of her friends away. She is a really strange character, but I like her even when she’s making me mad, because the really good character makes you feel every single emotion during the reading of the book. Marcy owns a bakery and she is also bad ass, so isn’t she a dream character? She acts like really hot chick that she is, but her life is a huge chaos.

Let’s move to Marcy’s fiancé – Brad. I LOVE HIM! There were moments I couldn’t stand Brad, but he is flawed and also a really good man, so he stole my heart. I don’t think that there is much to talk about him – he’s such a good man and I understand all of his choices and decisions.

Liam is the mysterious stranger, whose family was killed, and whose family’s murderer wasn’t found. He really looks like a good guy, he wants to find his family’s murderer, he thinks Marcy can help him with that and he also think that he can help her with her rage issues, but I still don’t like him. Actually it isn’t that I don’t like him i just prefer Brad.

The writing is clear, the only thing I didn’t like in Linda Burton’s style was the fact that dialogue sounds a bit unnatural sometimes. I mean there were certain things you won’t hear in a regular conversations, but as I think none of this could actually happen in real life.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good thriller. I really enjoyed the book and I bet you will enjoy it too.

See you soon, guys!


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